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Superior Farms

The Ranchers of Superior Farms

Since 1964, Superior Farms, an employee-owned company, has been committed to animal welfare and sustainability while providing the highest quality food products to its customers. But they couldn’t do that without their partnerships with passionate ranchers who are also dedicated to the correct rearing and welfare of their animals.

Families such as the Bitners, the Caskeys, the Gundermans, and the Dawsons the ranchers of Superior Farms are helping Superior Farms provide the nation with American lamb.

Meet the Ranchers

The company works only with families that raise lambs with the utmost care and attention. Many of these ranchers have adopted innovative techniques, such as grazing animals in vineyards to reduce heavy machine usage and increase soil nourishment.

The Dawsons

Dan Dawson, located in Roseburg, Oregon, is one of the many sheep farmers who realizes the value of ewes producing twins. So he employs specific tactics to increase the chances of twinning.

Primarily, he does this by keeping ewes that are twins as replacements. However, he also focuses on better nutrition to give his ewes a fighting twin chance.

Dawson explains that even though twinning is in their genes, it’s also about nutrition.

The Bitners

Like many ranches, the Bitners’ farm is a generational affair. So much so that Brian Bitner returned to raising sheep after trying his hand in the corporate engineering world.

As a fourth-generation sheep rancher, raising ewes is simply in his blood. In fact, he told Superior Farms that even though it all started with his grandad, he likely inherited the gene straight from his father, who adored the ranch and its four-legged woolly grazers.

The Caskeys

Like Brian Bitners, Mike Caskey is a fourth-generation sheep producer. Alongside his wife, Carrie, and their sons, Jason and Kyle, he manages Caskey Pine Lawn Farms in Holland, Minnesota, roughly eight miles northeast of Pipestone.

Many of the Caskeys’ sheep are national champions, so they really know their stuff when it comes to raising ewes.

Superior Farms

The Gundermans

Karla and Bruce Gunderman run their own sheep enterprise in Westbrook, Minnesota.

Each one of their sheep is almost guaranteed to meet particular production goals. And commitment to high-quality products, the Gundermans have worked in a strong partnership with Superior Farms for many years.

The Ranchers of Superior Farms: Committed to Animal Welfare, Sustainability, and Top-Quality Food Products

Those partnering with and working for Superior Farms consider themselves stewards of the land. They stand by the philosophy that if they take care of the land, it will take care of them — and it’s certainly ringing true for this sustainability-focused and quality-hungry group of prestigious sheepherders, ranchers, and producers.

Look for more innovation yet to come from the ranchers at Superior Farms!