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Superior Farms

Enhancing Nutritional Strategies for Ewes, Rams, and Newborns

As an employee-owned company providing high-quality meats for commercial and domestic uses, Superior Farms been committed to sustainability since 1964. From the solar panels and wind turbines that offset more than 95% of the California plant’s total energy use to the nutrition they provide their ewes, rams, and newborns, they have been an industry leader for good reason.

The flock truly does come first for the families of ranchers. Every single farm cares for their animals, giving their lambs the best of care while and feeding them on natural grasslands and — in some cases — using regenerative agriculture.

Understanding Regenerative Agriculture

Simply put, regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to farming that conserves resources it uses instead of depleting or destroying them.

While this conservationist method isn’t anything new, the technology today makes it easier to put into practice. In fact, it’s become a popular, cost-effective way to improve livestock and land through tactics like encouraging native plants to thrive, rotational grazing, and preventing topsoil erosion.

It also applies to sheep — the perfect livestock to rear in a regenerative environment. Why? Because their digestive system and water utilization is simply made for grazing pastures. They’ll use the weeds more efficiently than other animals.

Adopting the aforementioned techniques produces higher quality meat yields and a more natural landscape, negating the needs for bought inputs like artificial fertilizers and concentrated feed.

Couple that with the fact that sheep boast a wonderfully minimal carbon footprint, and farms around the world are on to a winner with regenerative agriculture.

Putting Regenerative Agriculture into Practice

Farmers employ a range of methods that build upon regenerative agriculture principles.

The Sheep Discover Center sells straw and manure to local farmers, who then grow hay to give back to the Center. At the same time, the team works with an agronomist, an expert in soil management and crop production, to improve the quality of their sold manure.

Additionally, the Center composts natural ingredients to boost the soil health in the local area with organic matter and natural nutrients.

superior farms

Optimizing Nutrition Through Fodder and Micro-Greens

Beyond the wider regenerative practices, the nutrition and welfare of the sheep are imperative. Thus, the professionals at the Sheep Discovery Center have worked to establish the best methods for their livestock.

And it all starts with premium feed that offers a lot of energy, is brilliantly digestible, and comes with the recommended levels of protein. The team also gives their sheep micro-greens that enhance production per pound of intake. Not to mention that hydroponically grown micro-greens use a whopping 99% less water than feed irrigated in traditional ways.

Last but certainly not least, the company has invested in automated feed kitchens and conveyors, allowing them to reduce carbon footprints, ensure specifically formulated food for the sheep (different recipes for lambs/ewes at different stage like growing, breeding, gestating, etc.), and feed sheep multiple times a day for superb nutrition and comfort.