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New Team Members at Superior Farms

The year 2020 was a challenging year for almost everyone around the globe. But Superior Farms managed to make great acquisitions by employing both Cameron Lauwers and Karissa Isaacs to join the company’s Livestock team.

Lauwers became the Livestock Buyer at the Dixon facility, and Isaacs became the Director of Producer Resources, leading producer programs’ outreach and development. Since they began working for the Livestock team, the individuals have proven their worth as valuable assets and the betterment of the United States of America’s lamb industry.

Karissa Isaacs’ Exceptional Education Proves Beneficial for Maintaining (and Enhancing) Quality

Karissa Isaacs grew up in the sheep industry, focusing both her education and career on the quality of lamb and animal welfare.

While studying for her Master of Science in Animal Science and Meat Science at Colorado State University, Isaacs pursued a variety of lamb quality projects. Two of the most notable are the 2016 National Lamb Quality Audit and her Master’s thesis on Differentiating Flavor Differences in American Lamb.

But her vast sheep-related knowledge doesn’t just come from the quality of her education. Much of her experience was gleaned from her multi-generation sheep ranching family and her work on the American Lamb Board from September 2017 to July 2020.

Isaacs brings her formal education, inherited sheep ranching skills, and swathes of experience to her role at the facility, where she serves as the go-to point of contact for the producer and feeder partners. She manages the Flock54 genetics program alongside continuously developing producer programs to emphasize efficiency.

Superior Farms

Cameron Lauwers’ Extensive Experience Helps Superior Farms’ Dixon Facility Prosper

Cameron Lauwers, a fourth-generation farmer, and first-generation sheep producer, comes to the farm with exceptional experience running an intensive-accelerated sheep operation housing roughly 600 ewes.

Originally, it was a dairy farm where his father, uncle, and grandfather had many successful farming years. But after studying at Michigan State University, Lauwers’ interest in livestock, particularly sheep, hit its peak. He knew that managing a sheep farm was his dream — so he made it happen.

As well as handling the hundreds of ewes and lambs constantly within his care, he managed a 3,200-acre alfalfa and wheat farm. Somehow, Lauwers even found the time to serve on the board of the Michigan Sheep Producers!

His in-depth knowledge and background in the sheep industry made him an obvious choice for the company’s livestock team, where he is responsible for buying livestock for the Dixon facility and working with producers across the west.

For those interested in contacting Karissa and/or Cameron please head to the company’s website and reach out with questions. They’ll be happy to help.

Superior Farms Consider Themselves Fortunate to Have Found Such Strong Candidates to Fill Their Integral Livestock Team Roles

Sustainability and quality products start in the fields and extend to every inch of the farm’s operations. Karissa Isaacs and Cameron Lauwers have been making a name for themselves in helping the company maintain their commitment to animal and land welfare.