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Superior Farms

A Look at Superior Farms’ Commitment to Clean Energy and Sustainability

As a leading supplier of farm-to-table lamb products in the United States of America, Superior Farms both constructed and enabled a top-quality solar panel system in the company’s Dixon, California facility. The installation marked the next step in the business’s commitment to clean energy and sustainably raised lamb.

Combined with the company’s current wind turbines, 95% of the establishment’s energy requirements come from clean sources.

Taking Strides Toward Sustainably Raised American Lamb

Aside from installing solar panels and utilizing wind turbines, the company has reduced its energy, water, diesel fuel, and plastics usage. Again, these efforts are all part of its larger dedication to animal care, the welfare of the population, the environment, and food quality.

The director of marketing, Bob Mariano, said that the team had been carefully considering their water usage, packaging, transportation, and more over the last few years. And the company plans to continue these efforts long into the future.

Superior Farms leads the industry’s sustainability efforts while also supporting rural communities and farming families throughout the western United States in the area, offering homegrown alternatives to imported lamb products.

The Glowing Statistics

Its wind and solar clean energy installations have proved vital in the company’s reduction of fossil fuels. And its commitment to overall sustainability and environmental friendliness has allowed it to reap many statistical rewards, including:

  • The business’s water usage at the Dixon, California, facility has dropped by 33%. For context, this means they’ve saved the same amount of water used by over 130 households every year.
  • Diesel fuel usage has been reduced by more than 140,000 gallons per annum since 2015.
  • Additionally, the company produces less plastic packaging and food waste. The transition from case-ready packaging to vacuum skins decreased the business’s plastic usage by one-third and eliminated retailers’ need to repackage the lamb when it arrived. Ultimately, that means the meat stays fresher for longer, limiting food waste.
Superior Farms

Sustainability and Care for The Lambs

Superior Farms is a 100% employee-owned company, collaborating with more than 1,000 family ranchers across the United States of America to offer top-notch lamb while committing to the animals’ well-being and sustainability.

Open pasture lands allow the lambs to graze and roam freely. Not only is this beneficial for the animals, but it’s also great for sustaining the natural vegetation of grasslands.

Many sheep farmers band together with crop-based farms to practice regenerative grazing, bringing the sheep onto crop fields once harvest ends.

The lambs on such grounds consume enriched crops while ensuring the soil is bolstered by organic matter. This increases the land’s fertility and reduces CO2 emissions by limiting the amount of tractor time needed.

From proper handling to utmost care to stellar nutrition, the lambs from farmers partnering with Superior Farms are well-loved, ensuring customers receive consistently high-quality products.

The Bottom Line

Superior Farms aims to push its commitment to clean energy even further by upholding its four sustainability pillars — people, food quality, animal care, and the environment.